Volume 9 Issue 3 - January 2018

  • 1. Smart blind stick

    Authors : Pratik N K , Poornesh V , Shashikant , Shreedhar Kudva, Saritha A N

    Pages : 273-275

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.93.45

    Keywords : Smart Belt, RasberryPI, UltrasonicSensor

    Abstract :

    Today technology is growing to a greaterextent, however there is no cost effectivedevice for visually impaired people. For avisually impaired person it becomesimpossible to do his/her day to dayactivities, therefore Smart Blind stick canhelp visually impaired people in movingand allowing them to perform their workeasily. The smart stick will have sensorsembedded with it, thereby it senses theobjects/intruder, when any objects orobstacles come in range of an ultrasonicsensor then the person is alerted with aquick response time using a vibrator. Theoverall system also has a GPS module, sothat the person with disability can know thecurrent location with the help of amicrophone and a speaker. This system alsohas a feature where in which the personwith disability can contact to a specificperson whose number is stored in amicrocontroller in case of any emergency.This System also has a water sensor at thebottom of the stick and Infrared sensor foreffective obstacle detection. Designing acost effective and efficient blind stick is themain aim of the project.

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    Pratik N K , Poornesh V , Shashikant , Shreedhar Kudva, Saritha A N, "Smart blind stick", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=926&j_id=4325, Volume 9 Issue 3 - January 2018, 273-275, #ijltetorg