Volume 8 Issue 3 - May 2017

  • 1. Unit commitment & economic dispatch by particle swarm optimization technique

    Authors : Srikanth Khandavalli, V.hari Vamsi, P.venkatesh

    Pages : 383-390

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.83.054

    Keywords : Unit Commitment, Particle swarm optimization, Economic Dispatch

    Abstract :

    One of the important power system operational strategy is to operate the system with least operational cost while meeting the technical requirements like power balance in the system and generator limits. This can be achieved using Unit commitment (UC) or Economic Dispatch (ED). UC solves the problem of finding out which generators have to be switched ‘ON’ so as to meet the demand with least operating cost while maintaining the generator limits. Whereas, the ED gives the schedule of the generating units so as to minimize the total operating cost of the power system while maintaining the power balance and generator limits. Conventional optimization techniques like priority list method, dynamic programming, etc, are used to solve the UC problem where as Lambda iterative method, Newton’s method, etc., are used for ED problem. The present work tries to solve the UC and ED problems combined, using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Technique. PSO is a versatile Optimization technique which is gaining publicity in solving various Optimization problems. PSO proved to be capable of solving multi objective, non linear, non convex optimization problems of Electrical power system. Algorithms are developed for priority list method to solve UC problem, Lambda iterative method to solve ED problem and PSO to solve UC and ED simultaneously. Programs are built for the algorithms in GNU Octave, an open source alternative to MATLAB®. The programs are used to solve the UC and ED problems of six unit and three unit system. UC problem is solved for the test systems using priority list method and the solution of UC problem is taken as an input to solve the ED problem using Lambda iterative method for the committed units. The solution obtained by the above said method is compared with the solution obtained using PSO method. The solutions show the power of PSO in solving the UC&ED problem for the considered test systems in terms of solution quality

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    Srikanth Khandavalli, V.hari Vamsi, P.venkatesh, "Unit commitment & economic dispatch by particle swarm optimization technique", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=914&j_id=3806, Volume 8 Issue 3 - May 2017, 383-390, #ijltetorg