Volume 8 Issue 2 - March 2017

  • 1. Stress testing of android applications using test automation

    Authors : Santosh Kumar Sharma, Akshit Sharma, Shivam Gaur

    Pages : 326-336

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.82.044

    Keywords : Mobile Applications, Software Testing, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, ADB Shell

    Abstract :

    Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google and is based on Linux kernel. It is being used by major smartphone manufacturing companies. As the mobile applications and mobile consumers are rising swiftly and enormously, it is a thing of worry to researchers and testing professionals to concoct feasible testing procedures to guarantee the unswerving quality of these mobile applications. It is crucial to ensure the reliability of the applications running on these phones. Due to smaller development lifecycle of mobile applications, the developed apps tend to be flawed as little effort is put in ensuring the quality of the app. Thus rigorous testing is required for assuring its quality and that too in little time. But because of certain characteristics of mobile applications which are diverse from traditional applications, the traditional life cycle models cannot be incorporated into mobile application development. There are numerous mobile application testing techniques used such as manual and automated techniques. But the emphasis is given to automated approach due to its diverse advantages. This paper presents a test case for carrying out automated stress testing of android applications. Our experimental results show the validity of the test cases.

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    Santosh Kumar Sharma, Akshit Sharma, Shivam Gaur, "Stress testing of android applications using test automation ", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=911&j_id=3693, Volume 8 Issue 2 - March 2017, 326-336, #ijltetorg