Special Issue - NCRTCC - 16- 2016

  • 1. Cost effective infant incubator with integrated billipad and telemonitoring

    Authors : S. Gowriswari, S. Mahashri, K. Manjupriya, R. Mohanapriya, S. Nivedha

    Pages : 57-62

    Keywords : type

    Abstract :

    In present scenario it is quintessential to continuously monitor the vital parameters of the infant in the incubator for which the doctors needs to visit the neonatal ICU incase of a conventional type incubator. Unlike the conventional type incubator this project design aims at acquiring the respiratory event detection, temperature , humidity and rate of heartbeat automatically at regular intervals. The project is also designed to integrate a new age phototherapy unit called the Billipad. Parameters like temperature, humidity, rate of respiration and heartbeat rate are sensed using cost effective sensors like LM35, HTMR035, MPX5010, HRM2115.In addition to the above sensor modules a phototherapy unit to treat jaundice that is caused in neonates due to increase in bilirubin level is treated.The output of the sensor unit and billipad is interfaced with a PIC 18F45K22 microcontroller unit. Whenever the vital parameter such as temperature and rate of respiration varies from its threshold level (normal value), an alert is transmitted to the doctor unit and the controlling unit such as the cooler, warmer and oxygen supply will automatically turn on by the help of relays. Thus all the four vital neonatal parameters along with the treatment of jaundice are monitored continuously and Telemonitored. A cost effective infant incubator is thus developed to save the precious life of neonates.

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    S. Gowriswari, S. Mahashri, K. Manjupriya, R. Mohanapriya, S. Nivedha, "Cost effective infant incubator with integrated billipad and telemonitoring", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=902&j_id=3143, Special Issue - NCRTCC - 16- 2016, 57-62, #ijltetorg