Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. Multi-resolution approach for optimizing strength of watermark in image watermarking

    Authors : Vaishali Jabade

    Pages : 266 - 272

    Keywords : Multi-resolution Analysis,Digital Image Watermarking,Discrete Wavelet Transform.

    Abstract :

    Digital image watermarking is used to protect digital images against unauthorized copying. The process of image watermarking involves inserting a watermark to prove ownership. The watermark is an electronic identifier that is embedded in the host image. The host image to be watermarked is modified in a defined manner with watermark. However this modification should not be perceived by human vision. Image watermarking involves inserting imperceptible watermark in host image in the form of pseudorandom number, chaotic sequence, text or image to generate watermarked images. These watermarked images can be analysed for possible recovery and extraction of watermark to prove ownership when the need arises. This work focuses on embedding identifiable watermark and optimizing its strength for imperceptibility and robustness using multi-resolution analysis approach.

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    Vaishali Jabade, "Multi-resolution approach for optimizing strength of watermark in image watermarking", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=899&j_id=2958, Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016, 266 - 272, #ijltetorg