Volume 11 Issue 3 - September 2018

  • 1. Mobile adhoc network linkage accessibility & power control cross layer design

    Authors : Md. Sajid Anwer, Syed H Hasan

    Pages : 21-29

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.113.04

    Keywords : DPCPLP , mobility, link prediction, medium access control, signal strength, power control, routing, MANET, Cross layer.

    Abstract :

    MANETs face the ever-present key challenge of battery power that is limited along with mobility caused network topology changes that are frequent. Power depletion in network nodes may be the root of nodes going offline, thus affecting the links inside the network. Node mobility also presents the issue of frequent breakage of established routes, in-turn affecting the performance of the applications dependent on the network. In this research we are suggesting as a solution for the issues of link availability and power conservation combined. Hence we combine the effects of AODV protocol with link availability based on optimum received and transmit signal strength/power through the use of cross-layered-approach. In this research we propose link prediction based on received signal strengths to improve link-availability and using optimal power to transmit packet to a node in the neighborhood for increasing the adhoc node battery life. We propose strength of received signals and transmit power as parameters based on cross layer interaction so that link availability is increased through reliable routing and conserved power. This brings an additional increment in the capacity and lifetime of the node & network. The model also improves ratio of packet delivery and increased network throughput through spatial reusing instant route repairing and predicting breakage of links in advance. Reduction of power consumption along with end-to-end delays is achieved by optimal transmit power usage. Simulations would exhibit better performance achieved through the model suggested.

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    Md. Sajid Anwer, Syed H Hasan, "Mobile adhoc network linkage accessibility & power control cross layer design ", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=937&j_id=4711, Volume 11 Issue 3 - September 2018, 21-29, #ijltetorg