Volume 11 Issue 1 - July 2018

  • 1. A survey on air quality control techniques

    Authors : R.viniba, Dr. A. S. Radhamani

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.111.07

    Keywords : Air quality control; Artificial Neural Network; Fuzzy logic; Map Reduce;

    Abstract :

    Air pollution is becoming an environmental intimidation with the increase in industrialization and urbanization. The air quality is becoming important both for the environment, community as well to the society. There aredifferent type of numerical as well as statistical tools for the prediction and section of air quality, but Artificial Neural Network is considered to be a better predictive and data analysis tool for Air quality control. The data sets gathered from a set of air quality monitoring stations, embedded low-cost e-participatory pollution sensors and the road network available data. These data are used in the air quality indexes calculation and then the generation of a dynamic traffic network. Hence, this paper focuses on a comprehensive review on existing air quality control techniques through hadoop framework.

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