Volume 10 Issue 4 - June 2018

  • 1. Text detection from camera captured image and video

    Authors : Chowdhury Md Mizan, Tridib Chakroborty

    Pages : 1-4

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.104.01

    Keywords : Text Detection, Inpainting, Bandlet, Edge detector, Stroke Width Transformation (SWT), text extraction, text detection, localization, segmentation, character recognition

    Abstract :

    In recent years, with increasing popularity of portable devices for capturing images,text extraction, etc.Extraction of text information from images or scene involves detection, localization, tracking, segmentation, enhancement and character recognition. But variations involved in text such as font style, size, orientation, alignment and illumination effect, as well as low image contrast and complex background details make text extraction from image more difficult job.Text in video and images is an extremely important feature to extract summary knowledge of video or image. But sometime it happen that few text components feel unnecessary, and so various methods have been proposed till a day to detect, and extract the text out of image and video. This paper performs coverimg survey a large area of various techniques available for text detection and extraction from images and video and images automatically to create visually plausible output like videos/images without any of the embedded text.

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    Chowdhury Md Mizan, Tridib Chakroborty, "Text detection from camera captured image and video", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=933&j_id=4633, Volume 10 Issue 4 - June 2018, 1-4, #ijltetorg