Volume 10 Issue 3 - May 2018

  • 1. Comparative adsorption studies of rice husk ash and phosphate treated rice husk

    Authors : Aparna P M, Dr. M C Sampathkumar

    Pages : 156-163

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.103.27

    Keywords : Adsorption Batch studieSColumn Studies Rice husk ash (RHA) Phosphate treated rice husk (PRH

    Abstract :

    Due to the discharge of large amounts of heavy metal-contaminated wastewater, industries bearing heavy metals are the most hazardous. Heavy metal removal can be achieved by conventional treatment processes but they have significant disadvantages, Adsorption has become one of the alternative treatments, in recent years; the search for low-cost adsorbents that have metal-binding capacities has intensified. One of which is the rice husk, a product of the rice industry. Rice husk ash from raw rice husk and chemically treated rice husk is used in the study for removal of heavy metals from industrial effluent. And their efficiencies are compared using the nearby electroplating industrial effluent. This attempt is to remove heavy metals from the effluent. Batch studies and column studies were performed to arrive at break through curve of the adsorbent bed and then the adsorptive capacity of the adsorbents is compared.

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    Aparna P M, Dr. M C Sampathkumar, "Comparative adsorption studies of rice husk ash and phosphate treated rice husk", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=932&j_id=4617, Volume 10 Issue 3 - May 2018, 156-163, #ijltetorg