Volume 10 Issue 2 - April 2018

  • 1. Issues for measuring energy efficient of cloud computing data center

    Authors : A.s.umesh, Dr. Parveen Kumar

    Pages : 439-443

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.102.70

    Keywords : Data Center, Cloud computing, VirtualMachines, Physical Machines, Workloads, Energy,Utilization of Resources, Operating System, peakpower, etc.,

    Abstract :

    The Technology, Cloud computingprovides a platform for the sharing of resources suchas hardware, software, infrastructure, application andother information. Cloud Computing brings arevolution in Information Technology industry byoffering on-demand of resources. Clouds arebasically virtualized datacenters and applicationsoffered as services. Datacenter (Server infrastructure)hosts hundreds or thousands of servers whichcomprised of software and hardware to respond theclient request. A huge amount of energy requires toperform the operation. A data center with 500*100servers consumes around 9 Megawatt to performoperation. Energy consumption is a key concern indata center. Energy consumption by Google is2,675,898 MWh in 2011. United States datacentersuse more than 90 billion Kilowatt-hours of electricitya year requiring roughly 34 giant(500-megawatt)coal-powered plants. Global data Centers usedroughly 416 terawatts (4.16 x 10 14 watts) in 2017nearly 40% more than the entire United Kingdom.Cloud Computing is facing lot of challenges likeSecurity of Data, Server Consolidation, Consumptionof energy etc. The research work focuses on the studyof task scheduling management in a cloudenvironment.

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    A.s.umesh, Dr. Parveen Kumar, "Issues for measuring energy efficient of cloud computing data center", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=930&j_id=4689, Volume 10 Issue 2 - April 2018, 439-443, #ijltetorg