Volume 10 Issue 2 - April 2018

  • 1. Implementation of ict in jammu and kashmir higher education: issues and challanges

    Authors : Dewarka Nath, Jyoti Sharma

    Pages : 360-364

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.102.58

    Keywords : Accessibility; Education; ICT; Multimedia; Resources; Technology

    Abstract :

    The world is moving rapidly into the domain of digital media and information. The role of Information and Communication technology (ICT) in education is becoming more and more important for the growth and development of the country. ICTis the integration of many communication technologies namely computers, network, software’s, internet, mobile, storage, audio-visual systems, etc. These enable users not only to access the information but also to store, transmit, and manipulate it as per their requirement. ICT is very useful tool for imparting easily accessible, affordable and quality education to all. The new teaching methodologies involve the use of audio-visual utilities, computers, presentations and internet to deliver lectures. The students using ICT can access resources anytime and anywhere.The future of education methodology is Real Time Interactive education. ICT also enables access to the opinion of professionals, experts and researchers all over the world and allow one to be in direct communication with them. It is now possible to gain access to an unlimited amount of data and educational materials. Moreover, the Government has also taken many initiatives to implement ICT in higher education. The paper review the importance implementation of ICT in education, discusses issues and challenges of implementing ICT in education. It also discusses the present scenario of ICT in degree colleges of J&K state and strongly recommends the full implementation of ICT in higher educational institutions to enhance quality in teaching, learning and accessibility.

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    Dewarka Nath, Jyoti Sharma, "Implementation of ict in jammu and kashmir higher education: issues and challanges", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=930&j_id=4518, Volume 10 Issue 2 - April 2018, 360-364, #ijltetorg