Volume 9 Issue 1 - September 2017

  • 1. Heat transfer analysis on dimpled surface by using forced convection- an experimental approach

    Authors : Avinash A. Ranaware, Iftikarahamad H. Patel

    Pages : 225-229

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.91.34

    Keywords : Heat Transfer Coefficient, Reynolds Number, Nusselt number.

    Abstract :

    Over the past years the focus on using dimples provides enhanced heat transfer has been documented by a number of researchers. Dimples are used on the surface of internal flow passages because they produce substantial heat transfer augmentation. This work is concerned with heat transfer enhancement by experimental investigation by using forced convection method of heat transfer over the dimpled surface. The objective of the experiment is to find out the heat transfer at different discharge of air flow on dimpled surfaces and all the results obtained are compared those with a flat surface. This study evaluated the heat transfer characteristics using two different dimpled shapes on a wall of rectangular channel by experimental: 1) Circular (spherical) dimples, and 2) Conical dimples. The average heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer performance were obtained experimentally. An array of staggered spherical and conical dimples with rounded sharp edges (r=6mm) are located on the bottom side of the rectangular channel (with the height h= 25.4mm) at whose entrance a profile of completely developed turbulent air flow is assigned when the Reynolds number Re is varied over the range of 1,000 to 10,000. The dimple density, dimple arrangement and the mean mass flow velocity V are chosen as characteristic parameters. Channel side walls and bottom wall are thermally insulated. Natural convection effects are neglected. A moderate depth (d=3mm) dimple is considered. With the staggered dimple arrangement, the heat transfer coefficients, Nusselt number and the thermal performance factors were higher for the staggered conical arrangement.

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    Avinash A. Ranaware, Iftikarahamad H. Patel, "Heat transfer analysis on dimpled surface by using forced convection- an experimental approach ", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=921&j_id=4004, Volume 9 Issue 1 - September 2017, 225-229, #ijltetorg