Volume 9 Issue 1 - September 2017

  • 1. An extensive literature survey on routing protocols in wireless sensor networks

    Authors : Abhishek Soni, Prof. Sandeep Monga

    Pages : 119-123

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.91.18

    Keywords : dead nodes; low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy protocol; energy aware multi-hop multi-path hierarchical protocol; heterogeneous wireless sensor networks; energy harvesting.

    Abstract :

    Network lifetime and stability of WSNs depend on energy consumption of sensor nodes. Lesser the energy consumption, longer will be the network lifetime. Sensor nodes consume energy in processing and communication with BS or other sensor nodes. For prolonging network lifetime and stability, WSNs should be energy efficient. Energy efficiency can be achieved by different means, like intelligently designing of MAC and routing protocols. Routing protocols can be flat, Minimum Transmission Energy (MTE) or hierarchical protocols. In flat routing protocols sensor nodes directly send data to BS. In MTE each sensor node sends data to its neighbor node; therefore load at sensor nodes near to base station is much greater than other sensor nodes, resulting in shorter lifetime. Energy utilization and network life time are key issues in design of routing protocols for Wireless sensor network. Many algorithms have been proposed for reducing energy consumption and to increase network life time of the WSN. Clustering algorithms have gained popularity in this field, because of their approach in cluster head selection and data aggregation. LEACH (distributed) is the first clustering routing protocol which is proven to be better compared to other such algorithms. The review presents various LEACH protocols for Heterogeneous wireless network.

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    Abhishek Soni, Prof. Sandeep Monga, "An extensive literature survey on routing protocols in wireless sensor networks", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=921&j_id=3982, Volume 9 Issue 1 - September 2017, 119-123, #ijltetorg