Volume 8 Issue 4-1 - August 2017

  • 1. Leakage current measurement and health monitoring of surge arresters

    Authors : Koli Pradnya Pramod, Dr. Uttam L. Bombale

    Pages : 143-148

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.841.25

    Keywords : Harmonic analysis, Resistive leakage current, Surge arrester

    Abstract :

    This gadget gives visual or remote indication of fault on the electric power framework. called as Leakage current meter, the gadget is utilized as a part of electric power distribution which organizes as a methods for recognizing damage of arresters and transformer placed at substation. Surge arresters are installed on transmission and distribution line in substations between phase and earth in order to improve lightning performance and reduce failure rates. High energy stresses and housing deterioration are the main factors of degradation and damage of surge arresters. Thus, there is need for testing and monitoring the Arresters, in order to verify their good condition and their ability to effectively protect the distribution line. There are number of methods are available to measure the arresters leakage current like point wave method, compensation method, harmonic analysis method. In this project the harmonic analysis method is use. The first purpose of this project is to continuous monitoring of surge arrester. The second purpose is to real time monitoring of substation. This project calculates the resistive leakage current which will effect on the damage of arresters. Also calculate the RMS and the total leakage current from the arresters and store the results. Finally these proposed and developed systems were installed at high voltage substation for testing.

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    Koli Pradnya Pramod, Dr. Uttam L. Bombale, "Leakage current measurement and health monitoring of surge arresters", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=920&j_id=3934, Volume 8 Issue 4-1 - August 2017, 143-148, #ijltetorg