Volume 8 Issue 4 - July 2017

  • 1. Post construction effect of bridges on morphology of river brahmaputra

    Authors : Nayani Deka, Dr. Pankaj Goswami

    Pages : 118-125

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.84.17

    Keywords : Bridge Construction, Morphology, Brahmaputra River, Pier,Bank Erosion, Mathematical Model, Arc GIS

    Abstract :

    The purpose of bridge construction is to ensure and facilitate the communication over the flow of waterways conveniently.However, these structures have detrimental effects on the hydrology and morphology of the adjacent area of the streams as the waterways is constricted. In this project the effect of construction of bridges on river morphology is the major consideration.In this report Brahmaputra River and its three bridges namely as Saraighat, Koliabhomora, Naranarayan bridge is taken as the study area. Bridge pier construction has already been completed before the present study and some severe morphological response has been observed.This study is carried out to determine the section on d/s of bridges where erosion may be maximum after the construction of bridges and thus bank erosion protective measures to be adopted simultaneously during the time of construction of bridges.A mathematical model is developed to study the relationship between bank erosion, corresponding distance from bridge site, velocity of river at the bridge site and diameter of piles. In this study the simulated result was analyzed with Arc GIS. The result may vary with the river but approach would be the same to resolve this type of difficulties in all rivers and water way.

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    Nayani Deka, Dr. Pankaj Goswami, "Post construction effect of bridges on morphology of river brahmaputra", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=918&j_id=3839, Volume 8 Issue 4 - July 2017, 118-125, #ijltetorg