Volume 8 Issue 4 - July 2017

  • 1. A systematic approach to hide text in video using haar wavelet transform and bch codes

    Authors : Jaspreet Kaur, Jagroop Kaur

    Pages : 94-100

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.84.13

    Keywords : Video, Steganography, PSNR, MSE

    Abstract :

    It is essential to broadcast data in secure manner over an internet.To hide data in any files such as Image, Audio, and Video carrier files the Steganographic techniques are required. The earlier steganographic techniques are not sufficed due to some capacity problem. And, Video steganography is one solution to overcome this capacity problem because the data can be hidden in any frame of video. The presented work describes the implementation of hiding text in video files with the help of haar wavelet transform in selected frame or image and BCH codes. BCH codes are used for the encryption of information. Any frame from the video is selected to embed information. Apply Haar wavelet transform on that selected frame to get the low frequency sub-band in an image. The frequency sub-bands are LL, LH, HL and HH. Select any sub-band to hide information. To check the robustness of proposed algorithm the extracted message is compared with original one by applying various operations on stego image such as crop, copy, Zoom in and Zoom out. It is observed that the good quality of the extracted message after applying operations is achieved. Video steganography is a procedure to conceal information in video files in protected mode to broadcast over the internet.Performace of the video steganographic algorithm is measured with the help of PSNR and other paremeters such as MSE,Standard Deviation,Variance.The video frame having highest value of PSNR will chosen for embedding data.PSNR increases the efficiency of proposed algorithm.

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    Jaspreet Kaur, Jagroop Kaur, "A systematic approach to hide text in video using haar wavelet transform and bch codes", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=918&j_id=3835, Volume 8 Issue 4 - July 2017, 94-100, #ijltetorg