Volume 8 Issue 3 - May 2017

  • 1. Performance of multi storied building for various locations of shear wall

    Authors : Medini Deshpande, Mahesh Kalyanshetti, Shashikant Halkude

    Pages : 29-39

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.83.004

    Keywords : Shear wall, Earthquake, earthquake load resisting system, Response spectrum analysis method, roof displacement, storey drift, time period.

    Abstract :

    Earthquakes are natural hazards under which disasters are mainly caused by devastating damage due to sudden collapse of buildings mainly occurring due to dynamic actions. A systematic investigation has shown that shear wall structures have performed remarkably well in the most severe earthquakes around the world. Location of the shear wall plays an important role in multistoried building. Therefore, in the present work parametric study has been carried out to study the seismic parameters like roof displacement, storey drift and time period by providing shear walls at various locations in a building frame by changing percentage length of shear walls and by changing number of stories. The study shows that when shear walls are placed equally in both X & in Y-direction, seismic performance is observed to be better than shear walls placed in either X or Y-direction individually. When shear walls are provided in only one direction, structure resist lateral forces in that direction only. Therefore, geometry of the shear wall in both directions should be maintained. However, present study reveals that in view of overall stability shear walls are recommended in X & Y-directions symmetrically placed in both directions (50-50%).

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    Medini Deshpande, Mahesh Kalyanshetti, Shashikant Halkude, "Performance of multi storied building for various locations of shear wall", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=914&j_id=3725, Volume 8 Issue 3 - May 2017, 29-39, #ijltetorg