Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2017

  • 1. Land use mapping of malampuzha dam area using fuzzy c means

    Authors : Josephina Paul

    Pages : 538-544

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.81.070

    Keywords : Land Use, Watershed, Wavelets, Fuzzy C Means

    Abstract :

    AbstractDecade by decade, the reserve of water on the earth is depleting at an alarming rate. Therefore the mapping and conservation of the water sheds and sources are the need of the hour for the survival of generations to come and the future of the universe. At this threat, the development of various methods and techniques to map the water logs are highly relevant. The signal processing and computational techniques can contribute for the study to a large extent. An important water reservoir, the Malambuzha dam, sprawling in the Bharathapuzha river basin of the state of Kerala, India has chosen for this study as it has been vested with the paramount importance in the irrigation and drinking water needs of the Palakkad district. We have used satellite imageries of the area chosen for study for the analysis and inference. Unlike images acquired using common cameras/devices, the noise integrated in the satellite images are mainly of speckle noise models. Wavelets are good tools in denoising the images, by thresholding or shrinking methods as they can represent the images in mathematical terms, in low frequency approximations and high frequency coefficients, which have been used for denoising images in this study. Conventional clustering methods create crisp clusters, ie. one data object belongs to exactly one cluster, in reality, this may not be true always. Many problems related to nature may contain objects that cannot be considered into a definite class but has a variable degree of belonging to more than one class. This concept is exploited in fuzzy clustering where fuzzy membership is generated for each data member, to every cluster. Hence we have considered the Fuzzy C Means clustering in our study. Results showing the land cover, water body and barren areas are discussed with accuracy metric for estimating the quality of the clusters.

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    Josephina Paul, "Land use mapping of malampuzha dam area using fuzzy c means", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=910&j_id=3630, Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2017, 538-544, #ijltetorg