Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2017

  • 1. Generating test case by using use case object oriented approach

    Authors : Anil Pandey, Muslima Aslam

    Pages : 58-70

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.81.008

    Keywords : Object Oriented Software System, Software Testing, Test case, Use Case, Model based testing, Random Testing.

    Abstract :

    In software testing is an crucial part of software development in the number of verification and validation process of the software. In an object oriented method we must have to apply the method of mapping the software for all its transition states and the number of the output for a set of given input. For a any given part of software we will be writing a set of test cases that called test suites and test place it is used to group together similar test cases. Test suites is a collection of test cases that are planned to be used to test an object oriented method to illustrate that it has some specific set of behaviors. In order to find out how a test case is valid or not for that we do not have specific mechanism. We mostly depend on the software testers understanding of the requirement. In my paper study UML diagrams different technique by using use case in test cases, for example test case generation using test case generation using random based testing, test case generation using Model based testing. The test cases are derived by analyzing the dynamic test of the objects due to external and internal stimuli.

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    Anil Pandey, Muslima Aslam, "Generating test case by using use case object oriented approach", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=910&j_id=3563, Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2017, 58-70, #ijltetorg