Volume 7 Issue 4 - November 2016

  • 1. Computational aerodynamics research and vehicle engineering development (car-ved)

    Authors : Sagarkumar Banerjee

    Pages : 83-85

    DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.21172/1.74.011

    Keywords : Aerodynamics , Vortex and Wakes , Co-Efficient Of Drag , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Wind Tunnel

    Abstract :

    Many Persons, both from industry and also private individuals have performed research in regards to this new issue. Many have performed research on aerodynamics on certain portions of the vehicle and also on effects of shape of the body and other technologies used such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Wind tunnel Testing.The effects of these studies is seen in the industry today. Not so long ago ,the vehicles were having shapes lose to boxes and today beautiful curves dominate the vehicles bodies. These curves not only help in the beauty of the vehicle but also help the vehicle in terms of aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. In this paper we would like to highlight some important topics related with aerodynamics and how they affect the drag of the vehicles. We shall also discuss on methods used in the industry today to calculate the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicles and their effects.

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    Sagarkumar Banerjee, "Computational aerodynamics research and vehicle engineering development (car-ved)", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=909&j_id=3507, Volume 7 Issue 4 - November 2016, 83-85, #ijltetorg