Special Issue - NCRTCC - 16- 2016

  • 1. Mother and children welfare card in android application

    Authors : S. Pavithra, A.thirugnanasambandha Murthy

    Pages : 26-28

    Keywords : App

    Abstract :

    One fundamental issue is the vaccination details are not properly reached to the working people. Nowadays everyone is busy working the polio drops and vaccination detail are previously informed through the manual announcement. It’s a little complexity for working people. The remedy for this problem is focused on this paper. This is achieved through by passing alert message prior to the user about vaccination date. This application serves as a tool for providing the complete immunization of children and nutrition food list for the children .The growth chart for the children is also in the application to monitor the growth level of the children .This application provides nutritional status and development of young children on a continual basis.

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    S. Pavithra, A.thirugnanasambandha Murthy, "Mother and children welfare card in android application", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=902&j_id=3137, Special Issue - NCRTCC - 16- 2016, 26-28, #ijltetorg