Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. A combined approach for sentimental analysis using multiple hashtags on twitter

    Authors : Rehee Mehta, Dr. Shaily Jain

    Pages : 412 - 418

    Keywords : Sentiment analysis, Opinion mining, Twitter, Multiple hashtag, Classification, Tweets.

    Abstract :

    From past few years several research organizations and businesses have started focusing on the social media and other web resources to have an insight into the market trends. The current research illustrates the detailed work done in developing a framework which can fetch the tweets regarding any specified topic using mutilple hashtag approach through twitter API. The system readily processes the captured tweets by preprocessing it and then classifying it into positive and negative categories depending upon the type of feedback or review presented by the users using Naïve Bayes Classifier. The main objective of the research is to automatically generate the overall opinion polarity for the tweets gathered using multiple hashtags in a certain duration, which appears to be a remarkable improvement from the past research. Further the fundamental details and the future scope of the research has been explained.

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    Rehee Mehta, Dr. Shaily Jain, "A combined approach for sentimental analysis using multiple hashtags on twitter", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=899&j_id=2981, Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016, 412 - 418, #ijltetorg