Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. Social networking text classification in big data environment

    Authors : Digendra Singh Rathore, Amit Mittal

    Pages : 327 - 334

    Keywords : Text mining, analysis technique , semantics ,Bayesian classifier, dataset.

    Abstract :

    The data mining is a technique of which offers the computer algorithms to compute patterns and find the category of data. Data mining is performed in both the techniques supervised and unsupervised learning. The selection of algorithm is depends upon the type and behavior of data. The data in nature found in two popular categories structured and unstructured data. The structured data is available in form of relational manner and the unstructured data is not organized in a given relativity. But if the data is well defined in their previous patterns then that can be utilized with the supervised learning algorithms. In this presented work the identified data twitter data set is used to perform analysis. For the classification of twitter data two class classification problems is considered. Therefore the entire input data samples are required to classify in two classes namely positive orientation and negative orientation. Therefore a binary classifier namely decision tree is utilized for making analysis and performing the classification task

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    Digendra Singh Rathore, Amit Mittal, "Social networking text classification in big data environment ", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=899&j_id=2968, Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016, 327 - 334, #ijltetorg