Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. Behaviour of concentrically loaded concrete filled steel tube short column

    Authors : Mimoh Gaikwad, Shrirang Tande

    Pages : 291 - 296

    Keywords : Composite Column, Concrete Filled Steel Tubes, Short Column

    Abstract :

    The steel tube in a Concrete Filled Tubular Column (CSFT) acts as both longitudinal and lateral reinforcement, and is thus subjected to biaxial stresses. The advantages of CSFT over other composite members are that the steel tube provides formwork for the concrete as well as the filled-in concrete prevents from local buckling of the steel tube wall and concrete spilling can be avoided. As a whole, the stiffness of the member increases due to composite action as compare to conventional steel members. The confinement effect is also playing a big role on the load carrying capacity of CSFT. In this paper the response and loading capacity of concrete filled steel tubular columns using non-linear finite element analysis are presented and compared with experimental results available from literature. The results are also, compared with results obtained from Australian and ACI code.

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    Mimoh Gaikwad, Shrirang Tande, "Behaviour of concentrically loaded concrete filled steel tube short column", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=899&j_id=2962, Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016, 291 - 296, #ijltetorg