Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. Review of the adsorption cooling technology and design of an adsorber bed heat exchanger

    Authors : Bhushan Behede, Uday Wankhede

    Pages : 197-205

    Keywords : AdsorptionAdsorbentAdsorbateAdsorber bed heat exchanger

    Abstract :

    Adsorption cooling technology gained attention of researchers as soon as Montreal protocols adopted in 1987 and Kyoto protocols in 1997. Adsorption refrigeration system do not increase global warming as well as it has zero Ozone depletion potential. The interesting thing about this system is that; it can be powered by low grade energy and uses natural refrigerant. In this way, no protocols could be violated. This ‘Green technology’ evolved as an emerging technology in various applications involving air conditioning. This technology is the best suitable option for existing harmful cooling technologies. This cooling system works on the Adsorption principle. Compressor of vapour compression refrigeration system is replaced by adsorber bed. Adsorber bed is filled with adsorbents which has micro-pores on the surface. Refrigerant molecules; well known as Adsorbate, adheres to adsorbents. The design of adsorber bed heat exchangers needs to be taken care of in such a way that, the heat and mass transfer rate should be as high as possible. This paper presents a review of different types of adsorber bed, variety of adsorbents and the adsorbate. This paper focuses on the selection of adsorbents and adsorbate pair according to temperature of hot and cold source, further advancements required to be done in future to make the technology compatible with the present technologies to achieve an objective of pollution free cooling technology.

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