Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Recent trends in machining with coated tools

    Authors : Manpreet Singh Malhi, Manpreet Singh, Sunil Kumar

    Pages : 490-493

    Keywords : Coated Cutting tools,Cermet,Carbide, Coatings, TiN,TiC,TiO etc.

    Abstract :

    Coated cutting tools are very useful for enhanced performance during high-speed machining of work piece such as Dry CNC turning. Modern industries use a number of coated tools for producing various highly finished products. Titanium nitride (TiN) and Titanium carbide (TiC) and Titanium oxide (TiO) has been used for the coating of cutting tools for decades. Coatings of different materials are provided on the cutting tools to increase life of tool, to enhance the surface finish of the product, and also to increase the rate of material removal. Cutting capabilities and life of cutting tools can be enhanced by 50% using hard materials (such as TiN, TiC, TiO and Al2O3) for coatings. This paper shows the study of the performance of coated tools during dry turning conditions. This paper involves the machining of hardened steel using coated cermet & carbide tools. The objective of this paper is to study the effect of different coatings on tools under various cutting conditions.

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    Manpreet Singh Malhi, Manpreet Singh, Sunil Kumar, "Recent trends in machining with coated tools", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=898&j_id=2891, Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016, 490-493, #ijltetorg