Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Speeding data access using arrays

    Authors : Pradeep Chand , Saumitra Wagh , Kishan Gupta , Shrikant.j Wagh

    Pages : 442-445

    Keywords : SQL

    Abstract :

    Online attendance system is a very useful tool mainly for academic institutions and organizations maintaining huge databases on regular or periodic time intervals. This essentially needs optimal utilization of memory (and therefore time with enhanced speed) and smart management of storage. In this article, we present the array as an alternative way of storage instead of the SQL database. While our approach aids the client programmer in reasoning about the performance of his program in terms of the source code, it also makes the intermediate code easier to transform at compile-time, resulting in faster compilation and more reliable runtimes. We demonstrate how our new approach improves both, the clarity and performance of several end users.

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    Pradeep Chand , Saumitra Wagh , Kishan Gupta , Shrikant.j Wagh , "Speeding data access using arrays", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=898&j_id=2882, Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016, 442-445, #ijltetorg