Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Contemporary issues in human rights education

    Authors : Neha Mahajan

    Pages : 415-419

    Keywords : Human Rights, Values, Principles, Universality, Human Dignity, Equality, Non- Discrimination, Participation, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusive, Difference, Perspectives.

    Abstract :

    Human rights education (HRE) is, historically and philosophically, inextricably linked to the international human rights movement. HRE, which emerged out of the international movement to guarantee a child’s right to education, was conceived of as a pedagogical approach to introduce students to the human rights system and to the rights and duties they incur as citizens in an increasingly interdependent global world. Human rights education aims to build an understanding and appreciation for human rights through learning about rights and learning through rights. Human rights education is inextricably linked with the pedagogy of teaching. It requires not just imparting knowledge about human rights but also applying a human rights based pedagogy to ensure young people learn in a rights-respecting environment and promotes the rights of others. The main elements of human rights education are the acquisition of knowledge and skills about human rights, the development of respectful values and

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