Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Implementation of circuit for medical image fusion

    Authors : Sanjeev Kumar, Girish

    Pages : 403-409

    Keywords : Image, Fusion, MRI , CT.

    Abstract :

    Image fusion is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single informative image containing the complementary information from the source images. The objective of image fusion is to keep maximum spectral information from the original multispectral image while increasing the spatial resolution. In this thesis two different modality images are fused using the maximum fusion rules based on the five level wavelet and three level wavelet transforms. Qualitatively five level multiwavelet transform give better performance than three level wavelet.

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    Sanjeev Kumar, Girish, "Implementation of circuit for medical image fusion", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=898&j_id=2874, Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016, 403-409, #ijltetorg