Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Review of composite materials and applications

    Authors : Mopidevi Krishna Satya Sai

    Pages : 129-135

    Keywords : Ceramics, Fatigue, Monomers, polymers

    Abstract :

    This study demonstrates the need of composite materials over common materials. Using different molding methods, composite components are manufactured in different sectors. The primary advantage of composite is lightweight, relative stiffness and strength properties. The key concepts of composites are its physical properties, material properties, tooling, design, inspection and repair. Military vehicles, such as airplanes, helicopters, and rockets, placed a premium on high-strength, light-weight materials. While the metallic components that had been used up to that point certainly did the job in terms of mechanical properties, the heavy weight of such components was prohibitive. Polymer industries were quickly growing and tried to expand the market of plastics to a variety of applications. The emergence of new, light-weight polymers from development laboratories offered a possible solution for a variety of uses, provided something could be done to increase the mechanical properties of p

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