Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016

  • 1. Hysteresis modelling of an mr damper applied to suspension system

    Authors : Samanwita Roy

    Pages : 89-93

    Keywords : Suspension system, MR fluid, MR Damper, Bouc-Wen model, Hysteresis

    Abstract :

    Comfort, reliability, functionality performance which provide a longer life cycle requires thorough understanding and analysis of the vibrations, this is a general rule for most of the static and dynamic functionality applications. Vibration is an extremely important issue to consider when designing various systems. Hysteresis is a phenomenon common to a broad spectrum of physical systems. As such, it is often present in plants for which controllers are being designed, where it introduces a problematic nonlinear multi-valued behaviour [1]. Continuing research into nonlinear systems is generating an increasing interest in the control of hysteretic plants. Here the magneto rheological damper used in active control of automobile suspension system is studied and its hysteresis is captured. This paper presents hysteresis equations of Bouc-Wen for an MR damper which is further modelled and simulated. The model is capable of representing a great many forms of hysteretic behaviour, and is also

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    Samanwita Roy, "Hysteresis modelling of an mr damper applied to suspension system", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=898&j_id=2825, Volume 6 Issue 3 - January 2016, 89-93, #ijltetorg