Volume 3 Issue 4 - March 2014

  • 1. Cloud computing and data protection challenges

    Authors : Adesh Kumar

    Pages : 407-411

    Keywords : Cloud ComputingData ProtectionSecurity

    Abstract :

    Cloud computing is basically a new technique for outsourcing computer services. Instead of storing your data or your software on your network, you pay a company to store them for you. Instead of maintaining a technical infrastructure in order to manipulate, calculate or whatever else you do with your information, you log in through the Internet and do it on the cloud provider’s systems instead. Using the cloud raises legal and other risks. In this paper we try to find out the risk and challenges to protect data in public cloud

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    Adesh Kumar, "Cloud computing and data protection challenges", https://www.ijltet.org/journal_details.php?id=891&j_id=2872, Volume 3 Issue 4 - March 2014, 407-411, #ijltetorg