Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. An iterative semi-blind channel estimation for mimo wireless communication system

    Authors : Gajanan Patil

    Pages : 125-132

    Keywords : Least Square, Multiple Input Multiple output, Singular Value Decomposition, Semi-blind Channel Estimation, Space Time Block Code, Training Based Channel Estimation.

    Abstract :

    This paper presents a novel iterative approach to channel estimation for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless communication system. The initial channel estimate is obtained using whitening rotation based orthogonal pilot maximum likelihood (OPML) semi-blind channel estimation (SBCE) scheme. The estimation is further enhanced using detected symbols iteratively. The performance of this scheme is compared with whitening rotation based OPML SBCE. The simulation study shows that this approach clearly outperforms the OPML SBCE method to the extent of achieving near optimal performance.