Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. Study of traffic flow characteristics on the national highway (nh1) connecting jalandhar phagwara

    Authors : Peerzada Mosir Shah, Niharika Gupta

    Pages : 50-61

    Keywords : Traffic Volume, Capacity, Level of Service, Spot Speed, Time Mean and Space Mean Speed.

    Abstract :

    The data gathered from the Traffic Flow theory is an important tool required for planning and operation of a road system. Now days, due to rapid increase in volume of traffic the designed speed on highways could not be maintained resulting a delay in reaching target point. In Traffic Flow we have to consider generally three parameters, Volume, Speed, and Capacity. The inter relation of these parameters have a great impact on the traffic simulation and regulation. Speed is an important transportation consideration because it is related to safety, comfort and economics. The data collected from the speed analysis is used to calculate the speed percentile which is useful in making speed related decisions. While as traffic volume may be defined as the number of vehicles passing a given section of roads per unit time. The data collected from the Traffic volume is used to calculate the capacity of a given road stretch and LOS (Level of Service) for the given road along with the composition of