Volume 6 Issue 4 - March 2016

  • 1. “bio-statistical model for impact of sugar industry on groundwater quality in malegaon. (tal. baramati)”

    Authors : Shital Gadekar

    Pages : 42-49

    Keywords : Water quality index, Multiple Linear Regression, Cluster Analysis, Principal Component Analysis

    Abstract :

    Water is the precious gift nature to human beings. The groundwater of the sugar industry area (Malegaon) is going to be polluted day-by day. Although three-fourth part of earth is being surrounded by surface water but almost all the ground water in India is unfit for direct irrigation due to industrialization. Two hundred fifty six ground water samples were collected from different locations around Malegaon sugar factory. These ground water samples were collected and analyzed for their physio-chemical characteristics. In this paper, we develop the bio- statistical model of impact of sugar industry on ground water quality in Malegaon using statistical tools such as Cluster Analysis, Principal component analysis, etc. The quality of ground water samples are discussed using bio-statistical model for their suitability for irrigation purpose. This will be helpful to farmers for irrigation purpose.